ISHS Logo File Downloads

The ISHS logo is available in various formats. The use and reproduction of the ISHS logo files below is subject to approval by ISHS. Deciding which version of a logo file to use for each purpose can be difficult and confusing – even for professional users - so please seek assistance with your web-developer or graphic designer first in order to guarantee a professional and good-looking reproduction of the ISHS logo in all circumstances.

Be extremely careful not to distort the shape or proportions of the ISHS logo elements when resizing and make sure no interference with background colors or images occurs. Before downloading the files, take a look at the comprehensive overview of the various logo elements with information on fonts and colors used and which is available in a downloadable PDF format document. For further details please do not hesitate to contact the ISHS Secretariat.

PMS color codes provided are U-codes (uncoated). In those cases where C-codes (coated) are required, Green 336C and Blue 294C should be used because these match best the original Green 335U and Blue 301U codes.

Downloads: Depending on your needs download the appropriate files here (in .zip format):