XIV International Symposium on Processing Tomato - XII World Processing Tomato Congress

Santiago (Chile)
March 6, 2016
March 9, 2016
October 02, 2015
March 01, 2016
Dr. Cosme A. Argerich Instit. Nac. de Tecnol. Agro.
C.C. Nro. 8
La Consulta
5567 Mendoza
(54)2622470304 (54)2622470753
Prof. Dr. Montaña Cámara Dpto. Nutrición y Bromatología II
Facultad Farmacia. UCM
Plaza Ramón y Cajal sn
28040 Madrid
(34) 913941808 (34) 913941799
Dr. M.Teresa Pino Rosario Norte 400 D53
Las Condes
All papers have now been reviewed. Convener handed over the manuscript to ISHS for technical editing and publishing. Acta Horticulturae proceedings will become available soon now.