Endowed Professorship for NW Berry Production and Management Corvallis, OR (USA) 22/09/2021
Full-time Faculty Position in the Department of Horticulture, National Chung-Hsing University Taichung (Taiwan) 21/09/2021
Head Communications Shanhua, Tainan (Taiwan) 08/09/2021
Assistant Professor/Professor Pomology Taipei (Taiwan) 23/08/2021
Urban green infrastructure and landscape design Taipei (Taiwan) 23/08/2021
Assistant Professor, University of Maryland College Park, MD (USA) 23/07/2021
Full Professor and Chair of the Crop Physiology group Wageningen (Netherlands) 22/07/2021
Chair - Department of Horticulture Pullman, WA (USA) 07/07/2021
Deputy Provost GDIC Dublin (Ireland) 11/05/2021
Assistant Professor of Breeding Nursery/Landscape Crops Homestead, FL (USA) 12/04/2021