Agriculture Advisor (High Value Crops)

The Borlaug Institute for International Agriculture leads international food security and agricultural development programs for the Texas A&M University System. Named in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, "Father of the Green Revolution," and faculty member at Texas A&M University for a quarter of a century, the Borlaug Institute continues Dr. Norman Borlaug's legacy of improving global food security, livelihoods, and resilience through applied agricultural science, research and extension. The Borlaug Institute's mission is "To help elevate small-holder farmers out of poverty and hunger through agricultural science."

Project Background
The USAID-funded Afghanistan Value Chains -High Value Crops (AVC-HVC) project works with anchor firms nationwide to reverse market failures, strengthen backward and forward linkages, drive growth, and create jobs for men, women, and youth along the fruit and nuts, high-value horticulture, spices, and medicinal crops value chains. The Project contributes positive and measurable impacts to the sectors and will ensure that local market actors are involved at every stage of the value chain.

The Borlaug Institute is seeking a short-term Agricultural Advisor to work on AVC-HVC. The Agriculture Advisor will work closely with the Chief of Party to review program activities, ensuring the technical rigor of all agriculture related interventions of the project. The Agriculture Advisor will lead efforts to improve the local project staff's technical knowledge and capabilities in agriculture sciences and will provide technical mentorship and leadership to promote agricultural innovation. This position is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Objectives and Tasks
• Assist local staff in the selecting of areas of support to agribusinesses
• Provide input to assist in determining specifications for agricultural machinery
• Identify strategic areas to best support agribusinesses
• Inform the selection of training topics for agribusinesses
• Ensure the direct technical assistance provided by AVC-HVC to agribusinesses and the training programs conducted by the project will result in a significant advancement in targeted agricultural production systems
• Other activities as assigned by the Chief of Party

• Monthly action plans
• Monthly reports

Kabul, Afghanistan

Period of Performance
Three-month assignment anticipated from January to April 2021. Potential option for extension, depending on programmatic needs and consultant performance.

Level of Effort
Estimated total of 75 days of work during the three-month assignment. Six-day work week expected. Potential option for increase in number of days, depending on programmatic needs and consultant performance.

While in the field, the Agriculture Advisor will report to the Chief of Party, as well as the TAMU Project Director.

• Master's degree in agriculture related field required; such as agronomy, agribusiness management, soil science, entomology, pomology, agricultural engineering, horticulture or similar.
• Minimum of three (3) years of practical experience in agriculture required.
• Excellent English writing skills required.
• Willingness to travel to Afghanistan required.
• Culturally sensitivity required.

How to Apply
Qualified candidates should submit an online application at the following link by Sunday, 06 December 2020 at 11:59 PM CST:

agriculture advisor
fruit and nuts
high-value horticulture
medical crops
Kabul (Afghanistan)