Assistant Professor/Associate Professor in: Fruits and Vegetable Production

Position designation: Assistant Professor/Associate Professor in: Fruits and Vegetable Production
Department name: Aridland Agriculture
College name: College of Food and Agriculture, UAEU

Position Title: Assistant/Associate Professor (Fruits and Vegetable Production)

Rank: Assistant /Associate professor

Qualifications (required/preferred):

- Educational background: Ph.D. in Horticulture with specialization in Fruit and vegetable crop production with a minimum of five years' experience in teaching in the area

-Research experience: The candidate should have evidence of productive research documented by publication in peer reviewed journals.

- Documentation of extramural research funding: The candidate should also show evidence of the capability in writing research proposals of high quality by his / her past research fund accomplishments from international agencies and publication generated from such research projects.

General Duties and Responsibilities
The following are high priority issues to be addressed

* Engage in instructional duties for undergraduate and Graduate students in related courses
* Student advising for undergraduate students in academic programs
* Establish, maintain and demonstrate students protected agriculture and hydroponic systems to intensify crop production, especially vegetable crops
* Exploiting marginal resources to produce food in integrated farming systems
* Generating research and innovation to improve crop production, including new and improved crop varieties that are resilient to marginal environments
* Developing alternative production systems and technologies to improve productivity
* Developing climate-smart agricultural production systems and land use policies at a scale to help adapt to and mitigate the ill effects of climate change
* Improving crop productivity by adopting cutting-edge technology to enhance crop variety, nutrient management and irrigation management to maintain production sustainability in fruits and vegetables
* Introducing new crops adapted to an arid land environment.

Department and College Overview: College of Food and Agriculture after restructuring, the departments of Animal Production and Plant Production were merged to form the Department of Arid Land Agriculture. The department is offering degrees in Environmental Horticulture,
The department offers two undergraduate programs leading to the B.Sc. degree in either Horticulture or Marine Fisheries & Animal Science. These programs are designed to provide students with the scientific knowledge and practical skills necessary to acquire experience in facing the challenges of agricultural development in arid regions. The department also offers a Master of Science degree in horticulture and a Ph.D. program in Agricultural Sciences.
The department is having state of the art laboratory infrastructure for Horticulture research and teaching with live plant materials, supported by excellent facilities of research and teaching laboratory in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The department is also equipped with three research farms to take up field research and teaching.

UAE University:
This is the first and foremost comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1976 by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, UAEU aspires to become a comprehensive, research-intensive university and currently enrolls approximately 14,000 Emirati and international students. As the UAE's flagship university, UAEU offers a full range of accredited, high-quality graduate and undergraduate programs through nine Colleges: Business and Economics; Education; Engineering; Food and Agriculture; Humanities and Social Sciences; IT; Law; Medicine and Health Sciences; and Science. With a distinguished international faculty, state-of-the art new campus, and full range of student support services, UAEU offers a living-learning environment that is unmatched in the UAE.

The vision is "Leadership and innovation in higher education, research and community service at national and international levels." And the mission is " contribution to the advancement of UAE by delivering undergraduate and graduate education that meets international standards, engaging effectively with the community and the world to foster knowledge creation and dissemination, and enhancing the research capacity of the country."
It has eight research centers viz.,Emirates Center for Happiness Research, The National Space Science, and Technology Center, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Center for Health Sciences, Khalifa Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Roadway Transportation & Traffic Safety Research Center, UAEU Center for Public Policy and Leadership, National Water Center, Date Palm Development Research Unit Department.

The present position will help to strengthen the fruit production research technologies especially in date palm since we have well established research centers to cater to the needs of taking up diverse research in various crops. The expertise in fruit production and food security will help to launch new research initiatives to the needs of the community.

Job location: UAE University, Al Ain, UAE.
Al Ain is the Garden City on account of the greenery, and is the largest inland city of the United Arab Emirates. It is in the eastern region of Abu Dhabi located south of Dubai . The Eastern region has nearly 13,100 km2. Hafeet mountain is lying southeast and an elevation of 1,300 m. In Al Ain, the mean annual precipitation is 96 mm with an average relative humidity of 60%.

Application documents (documents to be submitted electronically with application):
- Cover Letter or letter of application including reason for applying for the position and a vision statement
- Curriculum Vitae
- Research Statement/Vision (an overview of current and planned research initiatives/directions and proposed funding sources)
- Select reprints (max 3)
- Teaching Statement: outline of teaching interests and experience
- Names and full contact information of five references including name, address, email, phone, etc.

Review of applications will begin November 2017; Potential start date: Fall 2018

Other university related standard/general statements:

This position request is to attract international faculties highly skilled in the relevant area of fruit production and food security to bridge collaboration with international universities/institutes enabling students exchange and faculty exchange for global exposure.

JUSTIFICATION FOR THE POSITION including how it will enhance college and university and help UAEU become the university of the future (max 8-10 lines):

The college is in the path of restructuring especially the Aridland department with addition of refining the curricula with new courses to meet with the local and international market requirement of the graduates from the department. The curriculum offers strong background in knowledge gain, in horticulture field in undertaking quality research to meet with the challenges of modern research field in Universities and to meet with the requirement of stakeholders in private/public sectors. The position will also support other faculties in strengthening the research and teaching through faculty collaboration and sharing of expertise in research. This will enable the department and the college to go in line with the mission of accomplishing the University of the future.

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vegetable production
Al Ain (United Arab Emirates)