Full Professor and Chair of the Crop Physiology group

Wageningen University & Research is looking for a full professor (0.8 - 1.0 fte) to lead the Crop Physiology Chair group of our University, one of the leading universities on food, health and environment worldwide.

The current focus of the Crop Physiology chair group involves connecting the basic physiological processes of plants with the functioning of crop stands, all within an agro-ecological environment and a societal context. The chair group studies how basic plant genetic and physiological properties control crop productivity and resilience and how this in turn is driven by environmental conditions, fluctuations in these conditions and by plant-plant interactions in crops under farmers' management.

As head of this group you will lead and support a diverse and multidisciplinary team of researchers and lecturers. You will develop new lines of research and support established research lines and education. You will also strengthen the group's position in national and international networks.

The embedding of the professorship facilitates numerous opportunities for collaboration with other leading (plant) scientists. Together with the Crop and Weed Ecology chair group, the Crop Physiology chair group forms the Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA) and has state-of-the-art tools and facilities. CSA is part of the Plant Sciences Group, which comprises 18 chair groups and 7 applied research groups and is affiliated with the Graduate Schools Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS) and Production Ecology and Resource Conservation (PE&RC).

More information about the Crop Physiology Chair group can be found on this website: https://www.wur.nl/en/Research-Results/Chair-groups/Plant-Sciences/Centre-for-Crop-Systems-Analysis.htm

We ask

You are a scholar with a PhD degree in plant sciences and an internationally proven scientific track record in the field of Crop Physiology.
You have concrete long-term ideas on the development of the field of crop physiology.
You have experience in developing and maintaining a broad international network.
You have experience and were successful in attracting funding.
You have experience with interesting and motivating students in teaching and with supervising students with diverse backgrounds. You have experience in developing courses at Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD level, and you are interested in innovative teaching methods.
You have experience in leading professionals in a multidisciplinary team. You bring empathic and inclusive leadership with a focus on people's development, team building and creating synergy.

We offer

You will work in a dynamic and inspiring international organization with many interdisciplinary projects all over the world. A strong commitment to teaching and research, combined with innovative applied research, creates a rich learning environment. Our students – the innovators of tomorrow – also benefit from first-class research and educational facilities.

The scientific quality of Wageningen University is affirmed by the prominent position we occupy in international rankings and citation indexes. Dutch students voted Wageningen University & Research as the best university in the Netherlands for the past fifteen years in a row.

We offer you a position as a full professor and Chair of the Crop Physiology group. In addition to a competitive salary, we offer a number of additional benefits, such as an end-of-year extra month's salary, a holiday allowance and a pension plan with the Dutch pension fund for government and education. Applicants from abroad moving to the Netherlands may qualify for a special tax relief, where 30% of their salary is exempt from tax for the first five years. Working hours can be discussed and arranged so that they allow for the best possible work-life balance.

Coming from abroad
We are a globally leading university in the life sciences and we have a large international community in Wageningen. The university's highly qualified team of advisors on Dutch immigration procedures will help you with the visa application procedures for yourself and, if applicable, for your family. If appropriate, a specialized staffing agency will help your partner to find employment and we can assist you in finding schools for your children. Furthermore, we can assist you with finding accommodation in the region or elsewhere in the Netherlands.

The Wageningen University & Research's International Community page contains practical information about what we do to support international employees and students coming to Wageningen.
More information

Further information about the position can be obtained from Professor Christa Testerink, Chair of the Appointment Advisory Committee by email: christa.testerink@wur.nl.

If you would like more detailed information on the profile and the Chair group, please do not hesitate to contact Denise Magendans, executive secretary of the committee at denise.magendans@wur.nl

You are invited to send your complete application using the respond-button on the following page: https://www.wur.nl/en/vacancy/Full-Professor-and-Chair-of-the-Crop-Physiology-group.htm.
Please upload a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a separate list of publications and a 1000-word (max) statement of research and education interests and intended direction. The deadline for applications is 19 September 2021.

The Appointment Advisory Committee will interview selected candidates for this position on October 28th 2021. The Committee will thereafter invite short-listed candidates for a second interview and a public trial lecture in November.

Equal opportunity employer
WUR employs many people with very different backgrounds and qualities, who encourage and motivate each other. We want every talent to feel at home in our organization and be offered the same career opportunities. We therefore especially welcome applications from people who are underrepresented at WUR. The policy of WUR is to increase the number of women and international professors. For more information please go to our inclusivity webpage. A good example of how WUR deals with inclusiveness can be read on the page working at WUR with a functional impairment.
We are

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We will recruit for the vacancy ourselves, so no employment agencies please. However, sharing in your network is appreciated

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