Full-time Faculty Position: Department of Horticulture

Full-time Faculty Position in the Department of Horticulture

National Chung-Hsing University

The Department of Horticulture at National Chung-Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan (R.O.C.) seeks highly qualified individuals for a faculty position at the assistant professor level or above.

The candidate must have a Ph.D. degree in a horticulture-related area with special research on production, physiology, genetics, or breeding of vegetables or post-harvest handling of horticultural crops. Candidates with at least two years of teaching, research, or practical experiences are preferred.

The successful candidates are expected to teach undergraduate and graduate courses including Olericulture or Post-Harvest Handling of Horticultural Crops and other horticulture-related courses with at least one undergraduate course and one graduate course conducted in English. Those hired will also offer support in department-wide and college-wide international exchange programs (a presentation in English will be required during the interview). For foreign applicants, the ability to teach in Mandarin is a must, and a presentation in Mandarin will be required during the interview.

To be considered for this position, a complete application package should be submitted which includes:
1.The completed print and electronic word file of the 'New recruit teacher selection and regulation table' (T4a,Please download the file from the website of College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, http://canr.nchu.edu.tw/web/teacher/list.php?lang=zh_tw&action=search&category1=1
2. The university requires the candidate to have published one representative paper in the past five years (after February 1, 2018) and other reference books and published papers, including electronic files (to complete your publication list, please download the related file from the website http://person.nchu.edu.tw/download.php).
3. Two letters of recommendation (one from Ph.D. advisor and another from current supervisor, if you are not able to do it, please state the reasons for not doing so). Please mail to Dr. Jer-Chia Chang, Professor & Chair, Department of Horticulture.
4. Officially certified copy of Ph.D. diploma, transcripts, and employment records. Please submit Chinese version or English version of the diploma and transcripts certified by the Embassy of the Taiwan (R.O.C.).
5. A photocopy of the Teacher's Certificate (only for those who already have it).
6. A photocopy of identity card or passport.
7. Officially certified copy of undergraduate and graduate transcripts.
8. All published reprints or copies, including doctoral dissertation should be enclosed. The representative paper must be checked for plagiarism with proof provided and if the representative paper was published with several co-authors, another proof file needs to be submitted (Please download the proof file from the following website, http://person.nchu.edu.tw/download.php). The authenticity and originality of the representative paper must be verified by using plagiarism detection software and the PDF file showing the analysis results should also be submitted.
9. Research plan.
10. Course syllabus (http://www.oaa.nchu.edu.tw/download02.htm).
11. Consent to Provide Personal Data form (See attached Files).
12. Other supporting documents.
13. Applicants must be fluent in Chinese.
14. Please sign or stamp on every photocopy item as a declaration of full responsibilities over the risk.
15. Please submit both written documents and electronic files and note that all submitted documents and files will not be returned.

Please send the application materials to Dr. Jer-Chia Chang, 145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung City 40227, Taiwan, R.O.C. Department of Horticulture, National Chung-Hsing University (Labelled "application for faculty position" on the envelope) Tel:+886 0-22840340 ext 403 Fax:+886 4-22860574
Application closing date is May. 25, 2022 and the faculty appointment starts at Feb. 01, 2023.
Contact information; Contact Phone: +886-4-22840340 ext 210、403 FAX: +886-4-22860574
E-mail:jerchiachang@dragon.nchu.edu.tw, CC to liangsophia@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

breeding of vegetables
post-harvest handling of horticultural crops
Taichung (Taiwan)