Mineral Nutrition of Horticultural Crops - Senior Lecturer/Lecturer

Stellenbosch University, Faculty of AgriSciences, Department of Horticultural Science, Senior Lecturer/ Lecturer: Mineral Nutrition of Horticultural Crops

Ref. AW06/269/0922

Vision statement of the Department of Horticultural Science
To be recognised both nationally and internationally as the foremost Southern African department for teaching, research and technology transfer in horticultural crops, specifically tree crops and floriculture, respected for its innovation, academic excellence and levels of service to the horticultural industry.

Mission statement of the Department of Horticultural Science
To educate and train undergraduate and postgraduate students in pre- and post-harvest biology, physiology and technology of commercial deciduous, suptropical and citrus fruit tree systems and floriculture, to supply human talent to the horticultural industry. Furthermore, to conduct dynamic research and technology transfer in the tree crop and floriculture industries, providing value-adding technology to industry partners in order to increase their global competitiveness and profitability. This mission is pursued by highly qualified staff employing relevant, effective teaching and research techniques.

The Department of Horticultural Science aims to:

• Familiarise students with the biology and physiology of growth and development of perennial woody plants, the interaction between the plant and environment, and the post-harvest biology and technolgy of fresh products by using specific groups of tree crops as training models, e.g., pome and stonefruit (deciduous), avocados (sub-tropical fruit), citrus (evergreens) and Cape flora (floriculture).
• Develop the ability of students to translate biological and physiological knowledge into technology that can be used in the horticultural industry, in order to create a demand for the skills and attributes developed by the graduated students.
• Conduct a focused research programme in tree crops and floriculture that will advance scientific knowledge and create value-adding technology for the industry partners.
• Develop an effective technology transfer programme in collaboration with industry partners in order to maximise the benefits of knowledge within the industries.
• Maintain a healthy balance and interaction between teaching, research and service to industry partners and community.

To maintain and expand the current focus and activity within the Department, we are looking for an academic interested in exploring the teaching and research areas of pre-harvest horticulture with a strong focus on mineral nutrition.
The main duties of the positon include:
• Undergraduate teaching in all aspects of mineral nutrition of horticultural fruit crops within a Southern African context;
• Involvement in continuous undergraduate curriculum development to ensure relevance, as well as in the departmental development of short courses;
• Driving and supporting research programmes in fundamental mineral nutrition as well as soil biology, soil health and sustainability of horticultural fruit crops;
• Providing academic guidance to postgraduate students;
• Managing a research programme, as part of a team, in collaboration and extension of existing programmes within the Department of Horticultural Science and the greater Faculty of AgriSciences;
• Sourcing and obtaining external research funds and effectively managing research programmes;
• Developing national and international research and industry partnerships and networks;
• Rendering a service to the Department, Faculty and University, as well as relevant industries and communities;
• Supervision of the horticultural section of the Welgevallen Research farm and its associated activities.

• PhD in Horticultural Science or Plant Physiology;
• Excellent knowledge of mineral nutrition of horticultural crops; including physiology and phenology;
• Knowlegde of soil biology (plant-microbe interactions), soil health and sustainable agricultural practices;
• Proven experience or ability in terms of teaching pre-harvest mineral nutrition;
• Proven experience or ability in terms of industry-focused, applied pre-harvest research;
• Postgraduate supervision on mineral nutrition, commensurate with the level of appointment;
• Peer-reviewed scientific publications, commensurate with the level of appointment;
• Proven experience or the ability to obtain external research funding, commensurate with the level of appointment;
• Relevant computer and statistical analysis proficiency;
• The ability to work within a team context and within the broader context of the academic department and its administration.

• Leadership in horticulture activities that fits the departmental profile and culture;
• Recognition within the South African horticultural industries;
• NRF rating;
• The ability to function within a multilingual university environment.

Commencement of duties: 1 February 2023
Closing date: 24 October 2022

Enquiries regarding this post: Dr Esme Louw on (+27)21 808 4760, or at esmelouw@sun.ac.za
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