Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Department of Horticultural Science at Stellenbosch University; Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Project Title: Understanding 'Granny Smith' apple superficial scald protocols and assesses early risk indicators

Dr. Elke Crouch of the Department of Horticultural Science at Stellenbosch University (SU) is offering, a fully funded (R220 000/annum), opportunity for a motivated student to study towards a postdoctoral degree. This is a 2-year project with the HORTGRO Science. The multidisciplinary research team comprises scientists with expertise in, plant physiology, pomology, biochemistry and molecular biology.
Superficial scald of 'Granny Smith' apple is currently inhibited with a combination of harvest and storage protocols and treatments In the past season none of these protocols was 100% effective. Newer protocols used by industry aim to inhibit superficial scald but exactly how these protocols work, and their efficacy compared to other treatments is not clear. The study aims to compare protocols with the various mechanism of action, and compare the efficacy of newer protocols and elucidate their action. This is also the first study in South-Africa using protocols in combination with each other to prove their synergistic action against superficial scald development.

Requirement: Ph.D. in a relevant field (must have graduated within the last five years)

  • Previous experience in plant physiology and/or biochemistry and/or plant molecular biology
  • Analytical laboratory- protocol execution, troubleshooting and preferably protocol development experience in chromatography and spectrometry techniques
  • Computing literacy, with emphasis on Microsoft Office suite
  • A driver's license valid in South Africa

Please note that postdoctoral fellows are not appointed as employees and their fellowships are awarded tax-free. They are therefore not eligible for employee benefits. Commencement of duties: As soon as possible, subject to University approval processes. Closing date: 28 February 2018
Enquiries: Send a letter of application, accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum vitae, including list of publications and the names and contact details of at least two referees, to Dr. Elke Crouch
Applicants should request their referees to forward confidential reports by the closing date direct to the same address.

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