Publication date: 
December, 2018

Chronica Horticulturae Volume 58 Number 4
Table of Contents:
News & Views from the Board

  • Scientific structure for the future, J. Stanley
  • 2014-2018 Board report to the General Assembly - Istanbul, Turkey, R.A. Drew
  • Council and General Assembly approve amendments to the ISHS Statutes

Spotlight on Honoured ISHS Members

  • Georg Noga

Horticultural Science News

  • IHC2018 – XXX International Horticultural Congress, Istanbul, Turkey, Y. Tüzel
  • IHC2018 - East Europe and Central Asia Summit, R. Kamenetsky Goldstein
  • IHC2018 - Workshop on Future of Horticulture from the Youth’s Eyes, S. Madzaric, H. Voca and E. Taskin
  • IHC2018 - training course on Good Horticultural Practices, U. Aksoy
  • IHC2018 - training course on Organic Horticulture, U. Aksoy
  • IHC2018 - training course on Organic Horticulture, U. Aksoy
  • IHC2018 - pre- and post-Congress technical tour, S. Serçe, M. Deveci, E. Cabi, Y. Boz, N.D. Sümer Türeli, A. Korkmaz, H. Yetişir, C. Özer, A.B. Küden, A. Küden and M. Erkan
  • IHC2018 - 54th Exhibition of "Gardens and Flowers of Istanbul", K. Kaya
  • ISHS Young Minds Award winner summaries
  • Courses and Meetings

The World of Horticulture

  • New books, websites

Symposia and Workshops

  • First ISHS Summer School on Pre- and Postharvest Physiology of Temperate Fruit Crops
  • International Forum on Horticultural Product Quality
  • III International Symposium on Horticultural Crop Wild Relatives
  • IX International Symposium on Soil an Substrate Disinfestation
  • XV International Symposium on Processing Tomato
  • II International Symposium on Carrot and other Apiaceae

News from the ISHS Secretariat

  • New ISHS members
  • In Memoriam
  • Calendar of ISHS events
  • Index to Volume 58 of Chronica Horticulturae
  • Available issues of Acta Horticulturae

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