Publication date: 
June, 2022

Chronica Horticulturae Volume 62 Number 2
Table of Contents:
News & Views from the Board

  • Effects of COVID-19, Y. Tüzel

Spotlight on Honoured ISHS Members

  • Yves Desjardins

Horticultural Science News

  • ISHS Young Minds Award winner summaries

The World of Horticulture

  • IHC2022: “Demandez le programme!” (Ask for the program!), F. Laurens, E. Geoffriau, R. Kahane, E. Rousseau, V. Mathieu-Fichot and M. Delaire

Symposia and workshops

  • XIV International Protea Research Symposium and XIX International Protea Association Conference
  • First International Symposium on Reproductive Biology of Fruit Tree Species
  • XIV International Symposium on Plant Bioregulators in Fruit Production
  • V International Symposium on Pomegranate and Minor Mediterranean Fruits
  • XVI International Symposium on Processing Tomato
  • XII International Vaccinium Symposium
  • XI International Symposium on Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology
  • UrbanFarm2022 – International StudentChallenge

News from the ISHS Secretariat

  • New ISHS members
  • Calendar of ISHS events
  • Available issues of Acta Horticulturae

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