Chronica Horticulturae

Vol.53/Nr.4 2013

Horticultural Highlights: European Horticultural Challenges in a Global Economy: Role of Technological Innovations • 150th Anniversary of IHC: IHC2014 • 60th Anniversary of Società di Ortoflorofrutticoltura Italiana (SOI) • Profiling Australia’s Horticultural Industries

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal Plants and Natural Products • Walnut • Rose Research and Cultivation • Peach • Tomato Diseases • In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding • Taxonomy of Cultivated Plants • Fire Blight • Plum Pox Virus • Phylloxera • Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions

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Vol.53/Nr.3 2013

Horticultural Highlights: Adapting to a Virulent Bacterial Canker in Kiwifruit • Sensing Technologies in Horticulture: Options and Challenges • The Paradox of Horticulture in the Pacific Islands • Pepper (Capsicum spp.) Germplasm Dissemination by AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center: an Overview and Introspection

Symposia and Workshops: Almonds and Pistachios • Cherry • Mango • Elderberry • FAVHEALTH2012 • Agricultural Engineering • Innovative Strategies for Postharvest Disease Management • Growing Media and Soilless Cultivation • GAP for Greenhouse Vegetable Production in the Mediterranean Region • Controlled and Modified Atmosphere Research

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Vol.53/Nr.2 2013

Horticultural Highlights: "Fingerprints" for Fruit and Nut Plants • Plant Factory in Japan – Current Situation and Perspectives • The Arziki Onion Store: New, Effective and Affordable Onion Storage for Small Producers • Jackfruit: Genetic Diversity and Culture • Nomenclature and Iconography of Common Milkweed

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants • Saffron Biology and Technology • Medicinal Plants and Natural Products • Olive Growing • Jackfruit and Other Moraceae • Lychee, Longan and Other Sapindaceae Fruits • Temperate Zone Fruits in the Tropics and Subtropics • Brassicas and Crucifer Genetics • Biotechnology and Other Omics in Vegetable Science • Eurasian Vegetables and Greens • Middle East Horticultural Summit • HORTIMODEL2012

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Vol.53/Nr.1 2013

Horticultural Highlights: Results from the ISHS Membership Survey 2012 • Peat, Politics and Pressure Groups • History and Early Development of the Modern Chrysanthemum • History, Myth and Conservation Threat of the African Baobab Tree in India

Symposia and Workshops: EUCARPIA Section Ornamentals "Ornamental Breeding Worldwide" • Light in Horticultural Systems • Postharvest Quality of Ornamental Plants • Biostimulants in Agriculture • Orchard Systems, Rootstocks and Environmental Physiology • Irrigation of Horticultural Crops • Persimmon • Vaccinium and Other Superfruits • Improving the Performance of Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies • People Plant • Postharvest Research, Education and Extension

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Vol.52/Nr.4 2012

Horticultural Highlights: A Whole Foods Plant Based Health Perspective, an Opportunity for Horticulture? • Urban Horticulture and Green Open Space • Sustainability of Intensive Vegetable Farming in the Up-Country Region of Sri Lanka

Symposia and Workshops: Horticulture in Europe • Humulus • Chestnut • Protea • Woody Ornamentals of the Temperate Zone • New Floricultural Crops • Germplasm of Ornamentals • Virus Diseases of Ornamental Plants • Mineral Nutrition of Fruit Crops • Processing Tomato • Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops • Vineyard Mechanization and Grape and Wine Quality • CFD Applications in Agriculture • Soilless Culture • Postharvest • Organic Fruit

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Vol.52/Nr.3 2012

Horticultural Highlights: Impact of the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami on Japan's Horticultural Industry • The 1500th Anniversary (512-2012) of the Juliana Anicia Codex: An Illustrated Dioscoridean Recension • Apples in Tropical Highlands of Northern Ethiopia: Potentials and Challenges

Symposia and Workshops: Banana • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants • Orchids and Ornamental Plants • Papaya • Tropical and Subtropical Fruits • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (SIPAM 2012) • Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: History of Mayan Ethnopharmacology • Quality Management in Supply Chains of Ornamentals • Quality Management in Postharvest Systems • Postharvest Quality Management of Root and Tuber Crops • Postharvest Pest and Disease Management in Exporting Horticultural Crops • Flower Bulbs and Herbaceous Perennials • Plum and Prune Genetics, Breeding and Pomology • Guava and other Myrtaceae • Tropical and Subtropical Fruits • Artichoke, Cardoon and their Wild Relatives • Edible Alliaceae • Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions

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Vol.52/Nr.2 2012

Horticultural Highlights: Essential Horticulture... • Breeding the Future: What Fruit Breeders Can Learn from Breeders of Cows and Chickens • Tertiary Agricultural Education Capacities in Africa – a Case Study on Horticulture • Mesoamerica Aesthetics: Horticultural Plants in Hair and Skin Care • Domesticating the Rainforest: Commercial Nuts from Rainforest Trees of Australia and the South Pacific

Symposia and Workshops: All Africa Horticulture Congress • Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011-12 • ProMusa • Mechanical Harvesting and Handling Systems of Fruits and Nuts • Pyrethrum, the Natural Insecticide • Landscape and Urban Horticulture • Biotechnology of Fruit Species • Balkan Vegetables and Potatoes • Date Palm • Strawberry • Acclimatization and Establishment of Micropropagated Plants • Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis

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Vol.52/Nr.1 2012

Horticultural Highlights: LEDs: The Future of Greenhouse Lighting! • High Value Horticulture: Lessons from New Zealand • Revelations from Histoire Naturelle des Indes known as The Drake Manuscript: Horticulture and History • Cashew Industry in India – An Overview

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal, Aromatic and Nutraceutical Plants from Mountainous Areas • Mycotoxins in Nuts and Dried Fruits • Cashew Nut • Apricot Breeding and Culture • Fruit Breeding and Genetics • Sustainable Vegetable Production in South East Asia • High Tunnel Horticultural Crop Production • Organic Matter Management and Compost Use in Horticulture

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Vol.51/Nr.4 2011

Horticultural Highlights: Economic, Environmental and Well-Being Benefits of Lifestyle Horticulture • The Origin of Horticulture in Australia: The Early European Colony in Sydney 1788-1850 • Status of Citrus in Indonesia: Production, Research, and Development • The Pear Industry in South Africa

Symposia and Workshops: Balkan Fruit Growing • Cactus Pear and Cochineal • Floral Biology and S-Incompatibility in Fruit Species • Augmenting Production and Utilization of Mango: Biotic and Abiotic Stresses • Pineapple • Underutilised Plant Species • Rubus and Ribes • GreenSys 2011 • Genetically Modified Organisms in Horticulture • In Vitro Culture and Horticultural Breeding • Responsible Peatland Management and Growing Media Production

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Vol.51/Nr.3 2011

Horticultural Highlights: The Sociology of Authorship Sequence • Florigen Unmasked: Exciting Prospects for Horticulture • Genetic Diversity in Pineapple • Emergence of Blackberry as a World Crop • Pitless Plum: Reality or Fantasy • The Poinsettia: History and Transformation • Prunus mume: History and Culture in China

Symposia and Workshops: Wild Relatives of Subtropical and Temperate Fruit and Nut Crops • Genetic Resources of Bamboos and Palms - Ornamental Palms • Sap Flow • Soilless Culture and Hydroponics • Postharvest Unlimited 2011

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Vol.51/Nr.2 2011

Horticultural Highlights: Food Fights • Intellectual Property: Defining Horticultural Assets and Implications for Horticultural Research and Development • Southern African Society for Horticultural Sciences • Carrot: History and Iconography • The Biological Section of the Voynich Manuscript: A Textbook of Medieval Plant Physiology? • The Pear Industry in China • Fruit Production in Poland

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal and Aromatic Plants • Lilium • Fire Blight • Tomato Diseases • Grapevine Breeding and Genetics • Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture • What Do We Mean by Quality?

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Vol.51/Nr.1 2011

Horticultural Highlights: Revisiting the Green Revolution: Seeking Innovations for a Changing World • Closed Greenhouse Systems: Multiphase Recycling of Solid and Liquid Organic Waste • Roses in China: Germplasm, Production, and Cultivation • New World Record for Giant Pumpkin, 2010 • The Marigold: History and Horticulture • Introduction and Migration of Ornamental Trees to India

Symposia and Workshops: Tropical Horticulture • Pear • Tropical Wines • Kiwifruit • Phylloxera • Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases • Soilless Culture • Organic Greenhouse Horticulture

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Vol.50/Nr.4 2010

Horticultural Highlights: IHC2010 and ISHS General Assembly • Demonization of Science, Sanctification of Poverty • The Global Trade in Ornamental Geophytes • Organic Horticulture Expands Globally • Asian Vegetables in Australia • Temperate Tree Fruits and Nuts in India

Symposia and Workshops: Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies • Postharvest Research Education and Extension • People Plant • Plum Pox Virus

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Vol.50/Nr.3 2010

Horticultural Highlights: Master of Science in Horticulture: New Approaches in Europe • Guiding Young People to Horticulture • Native Australian Acacias: Unrealised Ornamental Potential • Celebrating 100 Years of Beltsville Agricultural Research • Organic Agriculture: Business is Booming in Nigeria • Horticulture of the Taj Mahal: Gardens of the Imagination • Annatto: A Natural Dye from the Tropics

Symposia and Workshops: Medicinal and Nutraceutical Plants • Fig • Orchid • Loquat • Irrigation of Horticultural Crops • Date Palm • Cucurbit

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Vol.50/Nr.2 2010

Horticultural Highlights: Is Organic Horticulture Sustainable? • Cassava: Global Production and Market Trends • Horticultural Hues: Natural Dyes from Plants • Fruit Production and Research in Russia

Symposia and Workshops: Citrus Biotechnology • Castanea 2009 • Light in Horticulture • Peach • Asparagus • GreenSys2009 • Quality and Safety of Fresh and Fresh Cut Produce • Postharvest Pacifica 2009 • International Conference on Horticulture

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Vol.50/Nr.1 2010

Horticultural Highlights: Upgrading European Fruit Produce and Quality • Chlorophyll Fluorescence: Applications in Postharvest Horticulture • Commercial Micropropagation of Ornamental Plants in China • The Migrations of Ornamental Plants • Horticulture in Jamaica

Symposia and Workshops: ProMusa • Breeding Research on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants • Pomegranate and Minor including Mediterranean Fruits • Pistachios and Almonds • Olive Irrigation and Oil Quality • Plant Bioregulators in Fruit Production • Seed, Transplant and Stand Establishment of Horticultural Crops • Postharvest and Quality Management of Horticultural Products of Interest for Tropical Regions • Art - Garden - Culture • Bonsai and Suiseki



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