Passing away of Dr. Nikolaus Foidl (1949-2020)

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Passing away of Dr. Nikolaus Foidl (1949-2020)

Dear All,
It is with great regret to share with you the passing away of Dr. Nikolaus Foidl (1949-2020) in Austria last January 2020.

Dr. Foidl was one of the Moringa Champions who was recognized during the First International Symposium on Moringa in Manila, Philippines, November 2015.

Dr. Foidl wrote and co-authored several chapters in the book: The Miracle Tree - Moringa oleifera, 2nd edition which was recently published in September 2019.

His pioneer research was production of moringa at high density. He contributed significantly to advance moringa research and development globally.
We will truly miss Dr. Foidll. May he rest in peace.

With deep sympathy,
Prof. Dr. Manuel C. Palada
Prof. Mahmoud A. Sharafeldin

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