Elections: Ballot - Commissions

Use this form to cast your vote in the ISHS elections (ISHS COMMISSIONS)

a short introduction for each of the candidates is available in the following web-page: http://www.ishs.org/elections-candidates-commissions

Fill out your name, ISHS membership number and unique voting reference code first, then locate and select the candidate of your choice from the drop-down list and submit to cast your vote.

To ensure the integrity of the voting, a unique voting reference code is required to vote. Each member in good standing with an ISHS Commission receives one voting code which is valid to cast one vote for one candidate in his/her Commission. See your invitation letter for more details.

Deadline for this voting round is: .....................

This ballot is for Commissions only. To vote for a Section Vice-chairperson use the http://www.ishs.org/elections-ballot-sections instead. For more details see http://www.ishs.org/elections


This unique voting reference code is used to ensure the integrity of your vote and is uniquely linked to the Section/Commission or Working Group it is associated with in the invitation email you received. Using this code in association with another group makes the vote invalid.
Scroll through the drop-down list and select one candidate in the Section which is associated with the voting reference code filled out in the previous field.