Do I need to be a member to attend an ISHS symposium?


ISHS membership is not required to register for an ISHS symposium. ISHS symposia are happy to welcome both ISHS members and non members!

While non-members pay the full registration fee, ISHS members get a discount. To register at the discounted ISHS member rate you must be an ISHS individual member in good standing at the time of your registration for the event.

To contribute to and support the work of ISHS while in the same time enjoy all ISHS membership benefits it is strongly recommended that when you consider attending an ISHS symposium you become a member first and immediately save on registration! In addition the submission charge for abstracts is fully waived for ISHS Individual members.

Membership lapsed? Sign in to the ISHS membership services here to check your membership status and/or renew and manage your membership account.

Note: ISHS Institutional and Country/Region membership categories, for obvious reasons do not come with membership privileges for individual persons; consequently those membership categories (contrary to ISHS individual membership) do not qualify for discounted symposium registration or waiver of the abstract submission fee in ROSA.

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