Does ISHS charge an abstract submission fee when I submit my abstract?


Abstract submission in any ISHS Symposium is always free of charge for ISHS individual members

Running a quality service for abstract submission and paper reviewing comes at a cost; for Acta Horticulturae a submission charge applies which partially covers the cost of submission, infrastructure overhead, hard/software maintenance, etc. Click here for more details on ROSA, the Responsive Online System for Acta Horticulturae submission and review.

  1. The abstract submission charge is due upon submission of an abstract and applies to the presenting/lead/first author(*) only.
  2. The abstract submission charge is not a part of the symposium registration fees.
  3. The abstract submission charge, once paid, is non-refundable.
  4. The cost for abstract submission is EUR 80 for individuals residing outside the European Union.
    For authors submitting from within the EU zone the abstract submission cost is EUR 95 (including VAT).
  5. The abstract submission charge, once paid, allows the ISHS user-account holder, to submit one or more abstract(s) in any ISHS symposium for as long as the ISHS user account in the author's name remains active.
  6. For ISHS Individual members, submitting one or more abstract(s) in any ISHS symposium is absolutely free of charge - the abstract submission charge is fully waived for ISHS individual members.
  7. Submitting an abstract on behalf of, or in the name of another author is not permitted. Abstracts are to be submitted with the own personal user account which is associated with the presenting/leading/first author(*).

To submit an abstract use the submission web-link to be found in the website of the symposium concerned and login with your ISHS user account when prompted (see details below).

  • Those who do not hold a user account with ISHS yet: create an ISHS user account here, then move on to the next step, select the appropriate option to pay for the submission charge and confirm your order.
    After payment and activation of your user account use the abstract submission web-link announced in the symposium website and login with your ISHS user account authentication details to start the submission of your abstract.
  • Those who already hold a user account with ISHS: prior to initiating the submission process ensure that the address and contact details associated with your ISHS user account are still valid and accurate.
    These details will be used for sending you important notifications and status updates regarding your submission - it is essential that your email address is correct and won't reject messages received from ISHS.
    If required, update and/or renew your lapsed ISHS user account first. Check the status of your ISHS user account here.

For specific instructions related to each particular meeting please refer to the details made available in the website of the symposium concerned.

Important: strict deadlines apply - avoid last-minute stress and prepare your submission well in advance of the respective deadlines!

(*): The person in the user-role of "presenting author" is the first or leading author and is the one who also is in charge of the submission process. This is the author who will actually be physically presenting the submission at the symposium (oral or poster). Any person assuming the role of "presenting author" is required to hold an active ISHS user account (i.e. either abstract submission charge paid or ISHS membership active) - consequently, carrying over the user-role of presenting author to one of the co-authors is possible on the condition that the co-author involved is holding an active ISHS user account in his/her own personal capacity.


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