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Fruits - the International Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Horticulture full-text papers are available for download in

  • Subscribers: In addition to receiving a hard-copy issue of the journal 6 times a year, subscribers get unlimited campus-wide online access to Fruits articles. Authentication is automatic for users downloading from within the authorised IP address range of their institution network, no username/password is required. Download the subscription order form if your institution should not already subscribe to the journal.
    Subscription is EUR 650 per year (discounts apply).
  • ISHS members may use the article download credits which come with their membership to download Fruits full-text papers.
    To download Fruits papers, ISHS members login with their ISHS membership account credentials when prompted.
  • Non-members may download full-text papers at a cost on a pay-per-view basis.
    When prompted to login, select the option to 'buy credits', create a user account first and then purchase the required number of download 'credits' to be placed in your account.
    The cost for downloading a Fruits paper is available here.

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