I participated in an ISHS symposium - will you send me a copy of my paper?


As a rule, the registration fee for attending an ISHS symposium includes one hardcopy of the Acta Horticulturae proceedings unless the symposium convener opted for the e-ActaHort version instead.

As soon as an Acta Horticulturae volume is published, ISHS Secretariat is taking care of mailing a complimentary copy to each individual symposium participant who is entitled to receive a free copy. Check with the symposium convener for possible exceptions to the rule because in some cases discounted registrations such as e.g. single-day or student registrations may not include the right to receive a copy of the proceedings.

The distribution list for complimentary Acta Horticulturae copies is provided to the ISHS by the symposium convener. The mailing list would generally include the address details used when registering for the symposium.

Each participant is responsible for providing symposium convener with accurate and complete address details and to notify symposium convener of changes if any. ISHS cannot be held responsible for non-delivery in case of wrong or incomplete addresses.

Unless the symposium convener explicity ordered e-ActaHort for the symposium participants, ISHS does not provide authors with electronic copies of the published Acta Horticulturae paper.

Authors are encouraged to take ISHS membership which comes, along with a long list of other benefits, with free article downloads; for those who do not have an active ISHS membership but still want to download articles, each Acta Horticulturae article is readily available for download on a pay-per-view basis instead.

Authors considering to share a paper; make sure to check out this FAQ item first

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