The ISHS Council and Executive Committee value the importance of a timely pubication of Acta Horticulturae proceedings.

To allow efficient management and follow-up of the entire workflow from submitting an abstract until the review of a paper and ultimately the acceptance for publication in the series of Acta Horticulturae a set of online tools has been implemented - these tools are referred to under the name of ROSA.

ROSA stands for Responsive Online System for Acta Horticulturae submission and review, is an integrated and tailor-made ISHS online system for efficient and timely processing of abstract submission and fulltext paper review.

The online tool integrates with the ISHS membership and user database and allows both conveners as well as editors with the assistance of their reviewers to ensure a timely processing of the submission and review processes with the aim of assisting them in reducing the time-frame required to carry out the review and assesment tasks.

The ultimate goal of implementing a structured online tool for submission and review is to achieve publication of the proceedings in a timely manner and where possible to make the proceedings available by the start of the symposium.

A crucial element in the success of a tool like ROSA is that all actors involved (authors, conveners, editors and reviewers) meet the respective deadlines and respond as soon as possible to notifications and invitations emailed to them from within ROSA.

The use of ROSA implies that all steps in the submission and review process be carried out within the ROSA framework - in most cases this would involve responding to email notifications indicating a link to follow which would trigger a web page to open for the user to interact.

To ensure the integrity of the workflow, submitting abstracts and/or fulltext papers by e-mail to the convener or editor are not accepted anymore. Each submission of an abstract to be considered valid should be initiated and confirmed within the framework of ROSA.

Each step in the submission/review workflow is confirmed by means of an e-mail notification to the email address which is associated with the ISHS membership or ISHS user account of the presenting author with a copy to the co-author(s) where appropriate.

To ensure proper communication, it the the authors', conveners', editors' and reviewers' responsibility to keep their e-mail address updated at all time and to take measures for ISHS notification e-mail messages not getting filtered out or otherwise blocked by their e-mail client of mail server.

Operating a service for abstract submission and paper reviewing such as ROSA comes at a cost; therefore a submission charge applies which covers part of the cost of submission, infrastructure overhead, hard/software maintenance, etc. - for ISHS Individual members this ROSA submission charge is fully waived.

:: For ISHS members, abstract submission is free of charge ::






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