What is the cost of ISHS membership


Because of EU tax regulations your country of residence determines the cost of membership.

The ISHS online membership application and/or renewal tool is available for individual and student membership - institutional members please contact ISHS for an application/renewal invoice.

Members from low income and lower middle income countries (WorldBank country classification) do pay the same amount in membership dues while their membership is extended to 2 calendar years instead.

For individual/student membership categories, receiving the quarterly magazine Chronica Horticulturae and the annual edition of the ISHS membership directory in print is optional and a moderate annual charge applies which covers part of the postage and handling cost.

Members who live outside of the European Union:
  • Individual membership: EUR 80 or USD 100 per calendar year
  • Student membership: EUR 40 or USD 50 per calendar year
  • Institutional membership: EUR 240 or USD 360 per calendar year
EU members:
  • Individual membership: EUR 95
  • Student membership: EUR 50
  • Institutional Membership: EUR 300
  • Check out http://www.ishs.org/vat for more details on taxes and VAT