Why should I register and become a member in ISHS?


There is so much to personally benefit from being part of and actively contribute to the success of the growing ISHS professional network of thousands of colleagues from research institutions, universities and polytechnics, parks, reserves, botanic and community gardens, private companies, and self-employed individuals from across the entire spectrum of horticulture and horticultural science all over the globe.

Moreover, the ISHS is a non-profit organization funded through membership fees and the sales of its publications. To sustain our mission of offering a non-commercial and fully independent platform for high quality meetings and publications, we rely on membership and active engagement by the broad research community. The more individuals and organizations get actively involved the more each participant would personally get back in terms of professional development opportunities and other benefits. Therefore, stand up for horticulture and get involved!

Attractive personal benefits

  • Pride in belonging to the largest professional society for horticultural scientists in the world with more than 7,500 members.
  • Opportunities to develop high quality international research linkages and joint projects through contacts made at symposia and congresses.
  • Being a member of a society whose members are critically important in undertaking research, development, education, training, consulting, and production of products and services essential for human health, nutrition and wellbeing.

Affordable membership

  • Affordable annual dues for a prestigious professional international society that embraces all facets relating to high value crops and sustainable environments.
  • Membership list containing names and addresses of all ISHS members and officers of the Society.

Active scientific program

  • Close professional linkages to members in 24 specialist Sections and Commissions and over 140 Working Groups.
  • Opportunity to participate, at a discounted registration rate, and make oral and poster presentations at one or more of the 45-50 specialist symposia held every year, throughout the world: www.ishs.org/calendar
  • Opportunity to attend, at a discounted registration rate, and participate in the International Horticultural Congress held every 4 years.
  • Free one year membership of ISHS after attending their first ISHS symposium.
  • Opportunity to convene, and organise an ISHS symposium based on your professional interest through your Working group.

Access to professional publications

  • Free downloads (15 per year), valued at EUR 225, from more than 60,000 Acta Horticulturae full text articles; unlimited additional downloads at EUR 8 per copy. (Non-members pay EUR 15 per download).
  • Receive a free electronic copy of Chronica Horticulturae 4 times a year, valued at EUR 60 per year (print version optional - postal charges apply)
  • Obtain free downloads of Scripta Horticulturae monographs on a diverse topic range.
  • For ISHS Individual members, the ISHS abstract submission charge is fully waived (a submission charge is due upon submission of an abstract to any ISHS symposium).
  • Access to Harvesting the Sun, a global horticultural summary and the associated brochure.
  • Opportunity to access other horticultural journals and subsequent downloads on-line through PubHort (68,500 full text articles).

Opportunities for professional development

  • Opportunity to become a Chair or Vice Chair of one of the Sections, Commission or Working Groups.
  • Be creative and pro-active in initiating new specialist professional interest/working groups
  • Opportunity to advertise for professional placement through the ISHS web site.
  • Professional networking with like-minded professionals.
  • Be eligible for ISHS Fellow membership for outstanding contribution of horticultural science.
  • Be eligible for Honorary membership for exceptional service to the ISHS.

Access to professional services

Access to a very efficient and user-friendly executive office that has the interest of horticultural scientists as the core of its business and that facilitates the efficient organisation and running of the Society's affairs.

Financial benefits

  • Potential discount on registration at each ISHS Symposium valued at EUR 80 per Symposium.
  • 15 free downloads of Acta Horticulturae per year valued at EUR 225.
  • 4 free issues of Chronica Horticulturae and a membership list valued at EUR 60 per year
  • Submission charge waiver, value EUR 80 per year
  • Free online version of Scripta Horticulturae, say one copy per year; value EUR 30 per year.
  • Total potential financial benefits per member per year = EUR 475 per year.
  • Discounted publishing fee when publishing in the ISHS peer-reviewed journal eJHS