W. Oliveira
The growing of tomatoes as a horticultural crop dates back approximately three centuries. Confined for an extensive period to household gardens it has only recently been grown extensively as a crop to supply the major centres of the population and sporadically for export. Based on some of these more extensive tomato fields, particularly on those of Ribatejo and more specificaly in the districts of Golegã and Torres Novas, the first tentative efforts to absorb the production not utilised by the fresh market lead to evolution of a primitive industry, producing salted tomato pulp. This activity was frequently conducted by the farmers themselves in deficient hygienic conditions and the product was sold on the internal portuguese market and sometimes exported to european and african countries.
Oliveira, W. (1980). THE PRODUCTION OF PROCESSING TOMATOES IN PORTUGAL. Acta Hortic. 100, 93-98
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1980.100.12

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