M.N. Latifah, M.P. Nur Aida, M.R. Bizura Hasida, O. Fauziah, M. Hairiyah, I. Ab Aziz, O. Azlan, A. Shafie
The effects of packing systems on the quality of fresh-cut pineapples cultivars ‘MD2’ and ‘Josapine’ were evaluated during storage at 2°C. For fresh-cut processing, the pineapples were mechanically sliced into semicircle shape and immersed in the treatment solutions (calcium chloride, citric acid and sodium chloride) for 1 min before mechanical drip drying for 2 min. Two packing systems were used for the study; round polypropylene container with seal on lid (T1 and T3) and shrink wrapping square polypropylene container with clip on lid (T2 and T4). Storage study was conducted at 2°C for 12 days. Surface colour (L and b values), total soluble solids (TSS), pH, total titratable acidity (TTA), gases in package (O2, CO2 and ethylene), microbial counts and sensory evaluation were monitored during the evaluation days (1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 12). No significant difference was observed on the changes in colour of fresh-cut pineapple stored at 2°C for 12 days. The L (lightness) values remained steady throughout the 12 days of storage as observed in both pineapple cultivars in packing systems (seal on and shrink wrapped). Steady TSS values (15-17°Brix) was observed in the fresh-cut ‘Josapine’ in both packing systems. An inconsistent trend was noted on TSS values of fresh-cut ‘MD2’ as observed in both packing treatments (T3 and T4) (12-16°Brix). A similar trend was also observed in pH values (3.3-3.5) of fresh-cut ‘Josapine’ (T1 and T2). Inconsistent TTA values were observed in both cultivars of all packing treatments (T1, T2, T3 and T4). No significant difference was found in the microbial counts (VRBA, PDA and PCA) of fresh-cut pineapple in different packing systems. Consistent low values (2-3 cfu/cm2) were observed in all samples throughout storage period. Higher score was given by sensory panelist on the colour of T1 and T2 due to intense yellow colour of fresh-cut ‘Josapine’. Higher accumulation of CO2 value was observed in the seal packing of ‘Josapine’ pineapple throughout the storage period. Significantly higher accumulation of C2H4 was shown in the sealed pack fresh-cut ‘Josapine’ than that in ‘MD2’ as observed throughout the 9 days storage periods.
Latifah, M.N., Nur Aida, M.P., Bizura Hasida, M.R., Fauziah, O., Hairiyah, M., Ab Aziz, I., Azlan, O. and Shafie, A. (2013). EFFECT OF PACKING SYSTEM ON THE QUALITY OF FRESH-CUT PINEAPPLE STORED AT 2°C. Acta Hortic. 1012, 1005-1011
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2013.1012.135
physical and chemical changes, gas composition, microbial counts

Acta Horticulturae