S. Chaisawadi, S. Suwanyeun , S. Boonnumma
Mango (Mangifera indica L.) locally called Ma Muang, is one of the important sources of plant-derived medicinal herbs with a whole range of nutritional and medicinal properties. Having high nutritional value with high range of polyphenols and specific enzyme contents, the ripe mango was shown to have high antioxidant and anti carcinogenic properties, making it a high potential candidate for nutraceutical use. Technology has already been developed in which freeze-dried mango powder retains the same quality as fresh ripe mango pulp. Freeze-dried mango processing by using ripe mango ‘Nam Dok Mai’ to meet the zero discharge criteria has been developed. The main objectives in this study were process development on freeze-dried mango powder and utilize waste from freeze-drying ripe mango that result in high productivity and low environmental impact. The designed production process has considered the wastes from freeze-dried mango pulp powder processing process, which are peels and seeds. These are freeze-dried mango pulp powder processing, mango peel extraction processing and mango seed kernel extraction processing. The freeze-dried mango pulp powder processing has been done on ripe mango pulp by peeling, cutting pulp into slices, pulp mashing using electrical blender, followed by freeze-drying to get freeze-dried mango powder for nutraceutical use. The mango peel extraction process was done by grinding the peel, followed by acetone extractionand used for cosmetics and functional foods. The mango seed kernel extraction process is by using alcohol extraction to get mango butter or mango seed oil for cosmetic use. This production process showed zero discharge by the end of the process. The clean production of freeze-dried mango powder was implemented by using Fruit Juice Pilot Plant, Industrial Park Center, KMUTT. The results showed high productivity and low environmental impact. The preliminary study on financial analysis showed high feasibility for commercial production.
Chaisawadi, S., Suwanyeun , S. and Boonnumma, S. (2014). FREEZE-DRIED MANGO POWDER PROCESSING FOR NUTRACEUTICAL USE. Acta Hortic. 1023, 95-100
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1023.13
clean production, waste utilization, medicinal herbs, health benefits

Acta Horticulturae