K. Suvittawat, B. Silayoi, N. Teinseree , P. Saradhuldhat
‘Namwa’ (ABB) banana found in Thailand and Southeast Asia is composed of many related cultivars. With their versatile utilization, understanding their development and fruit quality leads to the appropriate production and management. This research aimed to investigate their growth and yield from eight clones including ‘Namwa Pak Chong 50’ (PC50), ‘Namwa Mali Ong’ (ML), ‘Namwa Tanao Si’ (TNS), ‘Namwa Ngoen’ (NWN), ‘Namwa Khom’ (NWK), ‘Nam Vo’ (NV), ‘Namwa Thong Ma Eng’ (TME) and ‘Namwa Dam’ (NWD). The field trial was conducted at Pak Chong Research Station from January 2010 to June 2011 with Randomized Complete Block Design. The data revealed that NV produced the tallest pseudostem of 4.1 m but NWK the shortest at 2.7 m while the rest were 3.7-4.0 m tall. PC50 and TME needed the shortest vegetative period, taking only 37-38 weeks from planting to flower bud emergence, while the others took 40-44 weeks. TME, NWD and NWC took 14-20 days for flowering (bract opening period) whereas the rest 21-24 days. All cultivars could be harvested for fruit by 58-60 weeks after planting except for TNS and NWD at 62-64 weeks. NWK yielded the highest in bunch weight at 31 kg followed by NWN, NV and TME (28 kg) while the others at 19-25 kg. This resulted in the highest hands/bunch (12.4) and fingers/bunch (241) for NWC while 9.4-10.2 hands/bunch and 150-170 fingers/bunch for others. NV provided the largest mature green finger while NWK and TNS the smallest. The pedicel length and peel thickness varied from cultivar to cultivar. All cultivars at ripe stage had pulp total soluble solids at about 25.5-27.5% with pulp firmness at 1.57-2.06 N cm-2 which was not significantly different among the cultivars. The results suggested that the cultivar members in the ‘Namwa’ group are different in their plant performance and produce. This possibly leads to their different utilization.
Suvittawat, K., Silayoi, B., Teinseree , N. and Saradhuldhat, P. (2014). GROWTH AND YIELD OF EIGHT 'NAMWA' (ABB) BANANA IN THAILAND . Acta Hortic. 1024, 241-245
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1024.31
Musa, 'Kluai', ABB banana, fruit quality, production

Acta Horticulturae