N. Poolperm, S. Thipmuangprom, R. Kurubunjerdjit, P. Suthanukul, T. Sangudom, S. Somsa-ard, P. Kulayahilapin, S. Charoenrat, K. Choodee, P. Wongchanaphai, C. Sirikanatayakul
Clonal selection of promising palmyra palm for conservation and commercial cultivars was conducted between 2008 and 2009. The survey and clonal selection were done in main plantation of four regions in Thailand with 314 clones. The criteria for selected clones were large fruit, high weight, good color, good taste, high yield and high fresh juice. In the North region, 23 clones were selected, viz., PL 69, NS 19, PL 39, ST 28, NS 15, PL 55, NS 16, PL 53, NS 17, NS 21, KP 06, PL 27, KP 09, PL 56, PC 08, PL 21, KP 04, NS 01, NS 07, KP 12, PL 08, NS 13, and KP 02. In the North East region, three clones were selected, viz., NM 04, NM 17 and NM 18. In the East region, one clone of PJ 03 was selected. In the Central region, five clones were selected, viz., PB 01, PB 03, PB 05, PT 13 and CN 03. In the South region, three clones were selected that were SK 07, SK 09 and SK 05.
Poolperm, N., Thipmuangprom, S., Kurubunjerdjit, R., Suthanukul, P., Sangudom, T., Somsa-ard, S., Kulayahilapin, P., Charoenrat, S., Choodee, K., Wongchanaphai, P. and Sirikanatayakul, C. (2014). CLONAL SELECTION OF PROMISING PALMYRA PALM IN THAILAND. Acta Hortic. 1024, 93-98
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1024.8
Borassus flabllifer, conservation, multipurpose plants

Acta Horticulturae