A. Thongpukdee, K. Chanjirakul, C. Thepsithar, K. Obsuwan , R. Chantadech
In vitro salt tolerance and the efficiency of L-proline as salt protectant or induced salt tolerance of chrysanthemum (Dendranthema glandiflora) were investigated. Shoots, about 1 cm long, of ‘Money Maker Improve’ chrysanthemum were cultured on modified MS media supplemented with 0-200 mM NaCl for 2 culture cycles with a four-week interval. Shoot length, number of shoots and total fresh weight were gradually decreased when higher concentrations of NaCl were added to the media. At the concentrations of 110, 140 and 170 mM NaCl, shoot length (2.14-1.57 cm long), leaf number (14.2-9.4) and total fresh weight (0.99-0.61 g) were less than those grown at the concentration of 0 and 20 mM NaCl (8.17 and 7.56 cm long, 22.8 and 19.5 leaves, 2.02 and 1.40 g total fresh weight, respectively). L-proline at the concentrations of 1 or 10 mM was added into the medium containing 110-170 mM NaCl to induce salt tolerance of the shoots. It was found that 1 mM L-proline induced higher salt tolerance of shoots (providing 6.10-2.52 cm height, 22.9-11.6 leaves and 3.02-1.03 g fresh weight, repectively) than 10 mM L-proline did (2.72-1.18 cm height, 15.8-14.3 leaves and 1.99-0.97 g fresh weight, respectively).
Thongpukdee, A., Chanjirakul, K., Thepsithar, C., Obsuwan , K. and Chantadech, R. (2014). IN VITRO SALT TOLERANCE OF CHRYSANTHEMUM 'MONEY MAKER IMPROVE'. Acta Hortic. 1025, 173-178
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1025.25
salt protectant, salinity, L-proline, micropropagation

Acta Horticulturae