Y. Wang, J.X. Fu, L.J. Pan, B.B. Lu, S.Q. Lin, X.H. Yang, G.B. Hu, C.M. Liu
Based on SSR markers, a core collection of lychee from 127 germplasm resources was constructed by using the multiple clustering and stepwise condensation methods according to an allele-preferred sampling strategy. A total of 38 germplasms from group 3 were chosen as the core collection by comparing the parameters of 9 sample groups, including number of alleles (Na), number of effective alleles (Ne), Shannon information index (I) and Nei’s gene diversity (He). Genetic diversity comparison and t-test between the initial collection and core collection showed that the core collection reserved 29.92% samples of the initial collection. The reserved rates of genotype, Na, Ne, I and He were 83.2, 100, 109.7, 108.1 and 105.2%, respectively. T-test results showed that no significant difference was found in genetic diversity indices between the core collection and the initial collection. These results demonstrated that the core collection reflected the initial collection well.
Wang, Y., Fu, J.X., Pan, L.J., Lu, B.B., Lin, S.Q., Yang, X.H., Hu, G.B. and Liu, C.M. (2014). CONSTRUCTION OF CORE COLLECTION OF LYCHEE BY SSR MARKER. Acta Hortic. 1029, 87-92
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1029.9
Litchi chinensis, SSR, core collection

Acta Horticulturae