E.G.O.N. Janssen, L.T. Baart de la Faille, W.J.A. Lohman
Modern high tech greenhouses are a combination of various technical systems. There are more and more interactions between those systems. Therefore it is hard to adapt greenhouse design to another climate/situation. There is a need for a decision support system, combining practical know how, local parameters, available design models and validation data. This decision support system should also support growers in optimizing their business case.
A publish/subscribe framework originally designed for urban planning is adjusted for the greenhouse design application. Design models such as climate, light, economy, crop growth are connected to this framework. In a case study the func-tioning of the framework is illustrated.
The publish/subscribe framework is an easy way of connecting a wide range of existing design models. It requires low maintenance, several models with different abstraction level can be connected and models can be exchanged easily. The publish/ subscribe approach allow parallel processing, speeding up calculation time. SIOM is an effective approach to combine knowledge stored in various design models and gives an end user insight in the consequences of their design choices. Validation of the results, additional design models and a design process scheme is needed to make SIOM applicable by greenhouse builders.
Janssen, E.G.O.N., Baart de la Faille, L.T. and Lohman, W.J.A. (2014). SYSTEM INTEGRATION AND OPTIMIZATION MODEL (SIOM). Acta Hortic. 1037, 75-81
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1037.5
dynamic model, integration, greenhouse environment control, design application, simulation, model-based greenhouse design, climate

Acta Horticulturae