N.A. Ali, G.S.H. Baccus-Taylor, D.A. Sukha, P. Umaharan
The first stage of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) postharvest processing consists of microbial fermentation of pulp surrounding the beans. Previous studies have revealed that permeability of the cacao seed coat plays a significant role in final flavour and that acidification by entrance of acetic acid starts through the micropyle and hilum of the seed. The main objective of this study was to further understand the effects of pulp on final flavour which was accomplished by the following experiments to test: 1) the effect of fermentation mass size (pulp quantity) on flavour, by fermenting selected fine or flavour clones individually as batch insert micro-fermentations and in small styrofoam coolers; 2) the effect of pulp quality on flavour, by fermenting a composite of selected bulk types with an aromatic fruit pulp viz., passion fruit pulp (Passiflora edulis). Results of this investigation provided preliminary information about the fermentation process (i.e., physicochemical changes and implications on flavour perceived) and determined the impact of the fermentation mass (quality and quantity) on final flavour. Results further revealed that pulp quantity during fermentation affected final flavour. Floral, fruity and acid flavours were more pronounced in batch insert micro-fermentations than in styrofoam cooler fermentations. The clone × fermentation method interaction was only significant for the floral attribute of clones fermented as inserts (P≤0.05), but multiple attributes in the case of styrofoam cooler fermentations. Typically fine or flavour clones exhibit acid, fruity and floral flavour notes. Therefore the batch insert micro-fermentation method allowed better formation and expression of these attributes. The pulp quality also affected final flavour; fermentations with passion fruit pulp had a more pronounced fruity, acid and floral flavour.
Ali, N.A., Baccus-Taylor, G.S.H., Sukha, D.A. and Umaharan, P. (2014). THE EFFECT OF CACAO (THEOBROMA CACAO L.) PULP ON FINAL FLAVOUR. Acta Hortic. 1047, 245-254
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1047.30
fermentation, cocoa quality, cocoa liquor, passion fruit, temperature progression

Acta Horticulturae