H.J. Lei, X.J. Zhao, X.J. Shen, Y.T. Zhang, T.H. Li
Flower bud differentiation is very important for the yield and quality of strawberry fruit. In order to identify flower bud development, the paraffin section method was adopted to observe the morphological differentiation of apical meristems of ‘Tianxiang’ strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa Duch.) runner plants in Beijing, 2009. The results showed that top flower bud differentiation lasted for about 44 days, might be divided into seven stages. On 15 September, the buds came into the primary differentiation stage, the apical points became semi-circular, broader, and nearly 70% of the buds started differentiation on 20 September. Then the inflorescence primordia were visible on the apical points, and about 60% of the buds went into the inflorescence primordium differentiation stage on 25 September. Thereafter, the sepal primordia appeared at the base of inflorescence primordia, 60% of the buds were in the sepal primordium differentiation stage by 1 October. On 6 October, in about 90% of the buds the petal primordia could be seen inside of sepal primordial. About 10 d later, the stamen primordia developed in around 80% of the buds. On 22 October, the pistil primordia appeared on the surface of the receptacles. The main pistil primordium differentiation stage was from 22 to 29 October, and about 70% of the buds had finished their pistil primordium differentiation on 29 October. At the end of sampling on 29 October, the secondary buds were mainly in the stamen primordium differentiation stage, and the tertiary buds were mainly in the petal primordium differentiation stage. Our results provided the details of flower bud development in ‘Tianxiang’ strawberry in Beijing, which will contribute to its production and management.
Lei, H.J., Zhao, X.J., Shen, X.J., Zhang, Y.T. and Li, T.H. (2014). STUDY ON FLOWER BUD MORPHOLOGICAL DIFFERENTIATION OF 'TIANXIANG' STRAWBERRY. Acta Hortic. 1049, 447-450
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2014.1049.64
strawberry, flower bud, morphological differentiation, paraffin section

Acta Horticulturae