K.P. Leite, A.S. Costa, P.G.L. Pinheiro, R.J. Gomes, V. Loges
The postharvest longevity of Heliconia cut flowers is an important factor to the success of commercialization. Adequate storage conditions decrease the postharvest senescence process, increasing durability of the flowering stem. In the present study, cut flowering stems of Heliconia stricta ‘Bucky’ were stored at three different conditions. The flowering stems were stored for 2, 4, 6 and 8 days under three different conditions: in box at room temperature (23°C and 89% relative humidity); in box under refrigerated storage (17°C and 94% relative humidity); and control treatment with flowering stems kept at room temperature (25°C and 77% relative humidity). Changes in visual quality, vase life, total postharvest longevity, fresh weight and bract color were determined. The visual quality and fresh weight decreased with time in all treatments. The loss of visual quality under the refrigerated storage condition was associated with darkening which advanced into the center of the bracts, from the apex, and from the connection between the rachis and bracts, similar to chilling injury. Flowering stems kept in a box at room temperature exhibited loss of visual quality due to senescence, identified by dryness of the bracts apex. On flowering stems that were kept in the boxes for 6 days, dark stains were observed in the base of the bracts, nevertheless, these had not evolved toward the center. Data of vase life, total postharvest longevity and fresh weight were similar in all treatments. The vase life was over 7 days for all the treatments. Inflorescence color, measured at the base of the last bract, was not affected by temperature, storage conditions or time, or senescence process. Regardless of the different storage conditions and the period in which the stems were subjected to the treatments, similar values were observed to the evaluated characteristics. This indicates that the transport from the place of production to the seller’s point could be in box at 23°C without the necessity of refrigeration, reducing the cost of the flowers to consumers.
Leite, K.P., Costa, A.S., Pinheiro, P.G.L., Gomes, R.J. and Loges, V. (2015). POSTHARVEST OF CUT FLOWER HELICONIA STRICTA 'BUCKY' STORED UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS. Acta Hortic. 1060, 235-241
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1060.35
flowering stems longevity, storage, senescence

Acta Horticulturae