L.E. Gomez, M. Lysandrou, R. Vargas, J.E. Dripps, Xinpei Huang, M.R. Yadav, N. Kumar Bobba Venkata
Bactrocera dorsalis, the Oriental fruit fly, and Bactrocera zonata, the peach fruit fly, are major insect pests of mango in many countries. Current control tactics include insecticide cover sprays, baits containing insecticides, and male annihilation techniques (MATs) that utilize pyrethroid and organophosphorus (OP) insecticides. Dow AgroSciences and ISCA Technologies have developed SPLAT-MAT Spinosad ME (now known as STATICTM Spinosad ME); a novel, sprayable MAT technology that matches and exceeds the performance of existing pyrethroid and OP-based options. Spinosad, a green chemistry insecticide, is the toxicant and methyl eugenol (ME) is the attractant. SPLAT, an amorphous polymer mixture that acts as a passive dispenser, is the basis of the formulation. It protects the components from environmental degradation and meters release of the attractant and toxicant, making these effective for a longer period of time. SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME attracts male fruit flies from long distances, making it suitable for off-crop applications and eliminating insecticide and attractant residues on fruit. SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME was evaluated in Hawaii, USA, to assess residual control and rainfastness. SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME and Min-U-Gel+naled+methyl eugenol were aged for up to 12 weeks, with average monthly rainfall of >150 mm during the trial period. Samples were exposed weekly to endemic B. dorsalis populations. SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME had similar performance to Min-U-Gel+naled+methyl eugenol during the first 6 weeks and outperformed Min-U-Gel+naled+methyl eugenol from weeks 7 through 12. In field trials conducted in Pakistan, a single application of SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME provided better control of B. zonata than 4 to 5 weekly cover sprays of Dipterex. SPLAT-MATTM Spinosad ME is currently registered in the USA, and is being tested in other countries. The benefits of this novel, green chemistry-based MAT technology include reduced application costs, elimination of insecticide residues on fruit, increased marketable fruit, and reduction of infested fruit being transported to market.
Gomez, L.E., Lysandrou, M., Vargas, R., Dripps, J.E., Xinpei Huang, , Yadav, M.R. and Kumar Bobba Venkata, N. (2015). SPLAT-MATTM SPINOSAD ME: A NEW CONTROL STRATEGY FOR BACTROCERA SPECIES ATTACKING MANGO. Acta Hortic. 1066, 161-167
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1066.19
male annihilation technique (MAT), fruit fly pest management, oriental fruit fly, peach fruit fly

Acta Horticulturae