M. Greplová, H. Polzerová, J. Ptácek, J. Domkárová
Somatic hybridization is a technique for alternative breeding to increase genetic variability. The aim of this work was to establish protoplast culture of Allium ursinum. The initial genotypes originated from three localities. The homogeneity of these populations was tested using RAPD markers. These analyses showed some differences among tested genotypes. According to preliminary experiments, Allium ursinum protoplasts seemed to be recalcitrant for protoplast cultures. The influence of plant grow regulators, sugar type and electric field (AC, DC and combination) was tested. With some modifications, the protoplasts were isolated and affected by electric field according to Greplova et al. (2008). The application of indirect current seemed to be useful to stimulate cell division. Sugar type in culture medium appeared to be very important; the combination of glucose with sucrose proved to be the best. Putrescine showed to be crucial for cell viability and regeneration.
Greplová, M., Polzerová, H., Ptácek, J. and Domkárová, J. (2015). PRELIMINARY EXPERIENCE WITH PROTOPLAST CULTURE OF ALLIUM URSINUM . Acta Hortic. 1083, 461-467
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1083.59
putrescine, ramsons, RAPD

Acta Horticulturae