B. Lee , M. van der Giessen
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President Lee welcomed everyone to Hickory, North Carolina for the 39th Annual Meeting of the International Plant Propagators’ Society-Southern Region of North America. He thanked Local Site Committee Chair, Anthony Lebude and his committee and volunteers for the long hours in arranging the excellent tours, hotel, other planning activities and all their attention to detail. He welcomed students, first time attendees and new members, asking them to stand and be recognized. Saunders thanked the Executive Committee, and Maarten van der Giessen’s Sponsorship Committee, which raised $40,750 in cash sponsorships; this was outstanding for the challenging economic times. Lee encouraged the membership to visit and show their support of our sponsors during the meeting. He encouraged all members to make new members and first-time attendees feel welcome - share with them and seek from them. He pushed for good questions and enthusiastic participation at the Tuesday night question box. Lee announced that this is the second year our region has participated with Great Britain & Ireland (European Region) in the Young Propagator Exchange program between the two regions. He recognized Colm O’Driscoll from Ireland, who toured IPPS-SRNA nurseries prior to the annual meeting. Judson Lecompte from the Southern Region of North America, our designee to GB&I, was also recognized. Both of these young professionals had an incredible exchange experience in our respective regions. This is the second year we are doing the Vivian Munday Young Horticultural Professional Scholarship Work Program (Vivian Munday Scholarship). We currently have a “4-pack” of four young professionals who are making a strong contribution to this year’s program. Lee thanked Program Chair and 1st Vice-President, Maarten van der Giessen, for the excellent program and slate of speakers he assembled.

Program Chair van der Giessen welcomed all members, guests and students. He thanked the membership for the opportunity to serve them, and then reviewed the scheduled program. The Question Box, scheduled for Tuesday evening, was to be co-chaired by Fred Davies and Alan Shapiro. He then introduced the first moderator, Jane Stanley.
Lee , B. and van der Giessen, M. (2015). TECHNICAL SESSIONS, MONDAY MORNING, 27 OCTOBER 2014©. Acta Hortic. 1085, 399-400
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1085.81

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