P.C. Wang, L. Fang, C.S. Yan, H.K. Jiang, H.M. Tian, Y. Wan, J. Zhang, Q.A. Zhang
In order to clarify the main problems of grafting seedlings, such as construction of seedling field, way of production organization, degree of maturation in grafting technology, production cost, seedling quality, risk control, and so on, combing those research points with the status of vegetable grafting seedling in Anhui province, the following aspects were analyzed and summarized; grafted seedling facilities, ordering way of seedlings, personnel organization and management, rootstock cultivars, nutrient and water management, survival rate of seedlings, mode of transportation, seedling benefits, degree of accidents and disputes, and after-sale technical services. With the purpose to promote the healthy development of vegetable grafting seedling industry in Anhui province, several constructive strategies were proposed, including building up the reasonable layout of seedling field and the moderate scale of production, optimizing production organization way, strengthening the construction of seedling industry, speeding up the talent training and stabling technical team, integrated application of new technology to improve the quality of seedlings, using applicable mechanization of seedling to reduce cost, establishing healthy seedlings production to establish risk prevention and control mechanisms, strengthening after-sale service to increase farmers’ income.
Wang, P.C., Fang, L., Yan, C.S., Jiang, H.K., Tian, H.M., Wan, Y., Zhang, J. and Zhang , Q.A. (2015). PRESENT SITUATION AND COUNTERMEASURES OF GRAFTED SEEDLING PRODUCTION IN ANHUI PROVINCE. Acta Hortic. 1086, 41-50
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1086.3
vegetable, grafting, grow seedlings, Anhui province

Acta Horticulturae