W. Dong, Z.C. Zhou, Y.L. Bu, J.Q. Zhuo, L.Z. Chen , Y.Z. Li
The healing of grafted seedlings is to complete the process of callus induction, differentiation and union of stock and scion. This stage is important to ensure the survival of grafted seedlings, especially for scion since the roots of scion will be removed in the vast majority grafting. The scion does not form the same type of organization with the rootstock. The two conducting tissues are not uniformly connected; thus, the scion and rootstock do not transport water and nutrients through the roots. To prevent this problem, suitable relative humidity and temperature must be provided to ensure the scion will not wilt and the healing process of grafted seedlings is properly completed. Beijing Jingpeng International Hi-Tech Corporation developed a healing room for grafted seedlings, which features an intelligent environment control system, cycle ventilation equipment, spray humidification system, CO2 fertilization equipment, lighting system, temperature control system, seedling frame, and perimeter protection. The healing room can provide a suitable artificial environment for newly grafted vegetable seedlings. The environment can be controlled based on the healing requirements of grafted seedlings through automatic control of artificial climate, including relative humidity, temperature, light, wind speed, and other environmental factors. Providing such an environment can promote callus growth, improve the survival rate of grafted seedlings, and increase the mass production of seedlings.
Dong, W., Zhou, Z.C., Bu, Y.L., Zhuo, J.Q., Chen , L.Z. and Li, Y.Z. (2015). RESEARCH AND APPLICATION OF GRAFTED SEEDLINGS HEALING ROOM. Acta Hortic. 1086, 51-57
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2015.1086.4
grafting, factory, auto-control, artificial environment, survival rate, mass production

Acta Horticulturae