Pineapple production on Dole farms in Latin America

R.A. Young
Dole distributes and markets DOLE® fresh fruits and vegetables, and packaged food products, including processed pineapple, canned pineapple juices and pineapple juice blend beverages, among other products. Fresh pineapples destined for the North American and Western European markets are grown by Dole Latin America on Dole-owned plantations in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Honduras and sourced from independent producers, primarily in Costa Rica and Guatemala. These products are sold primarily to retail chains and wholesalers, which in turn resell or distribute them to retail food stores. Dole contributes 20% of the total volume produced in Latin America for the export market. Approximately 75% of its fruit is sold in North America, mostly in the Eastern coast and central markets; and 25% goes to Europe. For the past 25 years Dole has been committed to continuously improving the quality of its products by thoroughly revising all farm practices and associated activities. Today Dole has meritoriously earned a number of certifications in important areas such as: food and worker safety, agricultural practices, environmental protection, and social responsibilities. There are a number of challenges still to be faced in pineapple production, and Dole is investing resources to solving the most relevant issues: reduce soil erosion, limit and/or eliminate pesticides usage, implement alternative strategies for pest control, rational use of fertilizers, and diminish the impact of natural flowering differentiation (NDF).
Young, R.A. (2016). Pineapple production on Dole farms in Latin America. Acta Hortic. 1111, 227-230
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1111.33
fresh fruit, Central America, certifications, production challenges, 'Dole-14'

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