A new later-maturing peach cultivar, 'Qiumihong'

B. Tan, X.B. Zheng, X. Ye, J.D. Li, J.C. Feng
Peach cultivar 'Qiumihong' was derived from the cross 'Okubao' × 'Qiuhuang'. It was tested as '80-3-7-16' and was released in 2009. Trees of 'Qiumihong' are moderately vigorous, and produce a large number of flower buds. Fruit is round, clingstone and white fleshed with easily peeled, thick skin. The average weight of a single fruit is 336 g, and fruits could weigh as much as 438 g under necessary thinning. Average soluble solid content ranged from 16.3 to 20.3%, and the concentration of vitamin C is up to 0.163 mg g‑1. 'Qiumihong' is a later-maturing peach cultivar, and could be harvested in early or mid-September, which is about 155 days after flowering in Zhengzhou, China. Moreover, the flavor of fruits remains satisfactory after storage at 5°C for 20-30 days. Because of its excellent flavor, the cultivar is appreciated during the Chinese mid-autumn festival and National Day. The yield was up to 41.2 t ha‑1 under normal cultivation conditions. Therefore, the cultivar has great potential for development in China and overseas.
Tan, B., Zheng, X.B., Ye, X., Li, J.D. and Feng, J.C. (2016). A new later-maturing peach cultivar, 'Qiumihong'. Acta Hortic. 1127, 491-494
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1127.77
Prunus persica, breeding, cultivar, later-maturing, white flesh

Acta Horticulturae