Grape rootstock-scion interaction on root system development

L. Kocsis, E. Tarczal, G. Molnár Kocsisné
Grapevine root system structure and development is dependent on both environmental and genetic factors like most of the woody perennial plants. Vineyard established with grafts has two genetic factors the rootstock and scion. In our study the effect of the rootstock-scion interactions on root system development were examined with two methods, with soil wall profile and with minirhizotron root monitoring system. Number of roots was counted on soil wall profile according to their size and soil depth for 6 rootstocks (Teleki 5C, Teleki 8B, TK 5BB, Ruggeri 140, Fercal and Georgikon 28) and 3 scion cultivars ('Italian Riesling', 'Vinitor', 'Pelso'). The vineyard was established in 1992, data were collected 18 years later. A second experiment was set it up in 2013 with 9-year-old 'Cabernet Sauvignon' plantation established on 5 rootstocks (Teleki 5C, TK 5BB, TF SO4, Fercal, Georgikon 28). Root development was recorded by a minirhizotron camera system at two weeks interval. Data were analyzed by RootSnap softwer. The number and size of roots differed according to the rootstock-scion combinations. Ratio of fine to larger roots (<2 mm/>2 mm) varied between 0.55 and 6.5, what is suggested ineffective to very effective root system of the combinations, respectively. It was observed that root growth has started later than bud break in 2013. Previous findings, that early shoot development “financed” from the reserves of woody part of the grape stock is strengthened by our results. Root development varied between row sides. Fercal developed less roots on the eastern side of the row while T5C, TK5BB, TFSO4, Georgikon28 developed larger root system on the west side of the rows. We conclude that root system development is affected by soil physical and chemical properties, but differences according to the rootstock-scion combinations on similar types of soil exist.
Kocsis, L., Tarczal, E. and Molnár Kocsisné, G. (2016). Grape rootstock-scion interaction on root system development. Acta Hortic. 1136, 27-32
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1136.4
Vitis, soil wall profile, minirhizotron, vineyard, root, RootSnap

Acta Horticulturae