The performance of '0900 Ziraat' sweet cherry cultivar on different rootstocks

H.C. Sarısu, Ö.F. Karamürsel, İ. Gür, H. Koçal, Ö. Yürekli Cengiz, İ Demirtaş, F.P. Öztürk
Six sweet cherry rootstocks (‘Gisela 5’, ‘Maxma 14’, ‘SL-64’, ‘Tabel-Edabriz’, ‘Weiroot 158’, and ‘Mazzard’ seedlings) grafted with ‘0900 Ziraat’ cultivar were investigated. The study was carried out in Egirdir Fruit Growing Research Institute at Isparta, Turkey. Trees were planted at 5×3 m distance and trained as a central leader. At the end of the study, rootstocks were separated into three groups according to their vigor. ‘SL-64’ was vigorous, ‘Maxma 14’ and ‘Mazzard’ were semi-vigorous, whereas ‘Tabel-Edabriz’, ‘Weiroot 158’ and ‘Gisela 5’ were semi-dwarf. Yield efficiency was the highest on ‘Gisela 5’ and ‘Tabel-Edabriz’, medium on ‘Maxma 14’ and ‘Mazzard’, and the lowest on ‘SL-64’. In productive years, fruit size on dwarf rootstocks decreased. Rootstocks effects on fruit chemical characteristics were not significant. High tree death rate on ‘Weiroot 158’ was found. Consequently, ‘Gisela 5’, ‘Maxma 14’ and ‘SL-64’ are determined as suitable rootstocks for the interior of Anatolia and Lakes Region.
Sarısu, H.C., Karamürsel, Ö.F., Gür, İ., Koçal, H., Yürekli Cengiz, Ö., Demirtaş, İ and Öztürk, F.P. (2016). The performance of '0900 Ziraat' sweet cherry cultivar on different rootstocks. Acta Hortic. 1139, 167-172
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1139.29
Prunus avium L., phenology, yield, fruit quality

Acta Horticulturae