Comparative study of apple rootstocks 'M9-T337' and 'Supporter 4 Pi 80' with seven cultivars

S.G. Tabakov, A.I. Yordanov, P.V. Kaymakanov
Vegetative and reproductive characteristics of apple rootstocks ‘М9-Т337’ and ‘Supporter 4 Pi 80’ budded with the cultivars ‘Breaburn Fenbra’, ‘Gala Venus-Fengal’, ‘Golden Delicious clone В’, ‘Pinova’, ‘Red Delicious Hapke’, ‘Red Delicious Redkan’ and ‘Rubinfuji Romf. 811’ were compared in the intensive orchard planted at the density of 2380 trees ha-1 (3.5×1.2 m) in the period 2008-2011. Trees were formed as tall spindle. It was found that, with the exception of the cultivar ‘Pinova’, rootstock ‘Supporter 4 Pi 80’ induced a greater trunk-cross section area, higher trees and greater crown volume to the tested cultivars in comparison with ‘M9-T337’ rootstock. A higher yield per unit area was obtained on ‘Supporter 4 Pi 80’ rootstock compared to ‘M9-T337’ budded with low vigorous cultivar ‘Red Delicious Redkan’, whereas ‘M9-T337’ was superior on this parameter in combination with cultivars ‘Breaburn Fenbra’, ‘Gala Venus-Fengal’, ‘Red Delicious Hapke’ and ‘Rubinfuji Romf. 811’.
Tabakov, S.G., Yordanov, A.I. and Kaymakanov, P.V. (2016). Comparative study of apple rootstocks 'M9-T337' and 'Supporter 4 Pi 80' with seven cultivars. Acta Hortic. 1139, 203-208
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1139.35
apple, rootstocks, vigor, productivity, fruit weight, yield

Acta Horticulturae