Evaluation of some apple genotypes from Turkey

H. Demirsoy, O. Isik, Ü. Serdar
Apple growing areas are spread all over Turkey. Camili district is rich in apple genetic resources, which comprises genotypes with very different characteristics such as blooming time, ripening time and fruit quality. This study was carried out to determine some phenological (flowering phenophase and harvest maturity) and pomological (morphometric and chemical) characteristics of 34 apple genotypes collected in Camili district. The ripening time of the assessed genotypes was from July 30 to November 5. In the examined genotypes, fruit weight ranged 75.1-224.2 g, fruit firmness 5.3-9.9 kg cm-2, soluble solid content 9.0-13.7% and titratable acid content 0.21-1.54%. 'Bağ Elması', 'Büyük Bağ Elması', 'Güzel Elma', 'Yeşil Güzel Elma', 'Yeşil Demir Elması' and 'Beyaz Amasya' were singled out as promising genotypes in terms of examined characteristics.
Demirsoy, H., Isik, O. and Serdar, Ü. (2016). Evaluation of some apple genotypes from Turkey. Acta Hortic. 1139, 31-36
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1139.6
Malus communis, Camili district, local cultivar, fruit properties

Acta Horticulturae