Qualitative review of plant extract HB-101®©

M. Kolaczewski

Note: This presentation is not an endorsement or advertisement for the product reviewed herein. It is a qualitative product trial, in real world applications. Readers are welcome to use this paper as a guide to determine whether or not this product would be of use in endeavors.
Several years ago, I was visiting a large Japanese Supermarket in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. In addition to the various groceries and dry goods from Japan and the United States, this store also has a large book store housed within the building. While I was looking over the various gardening and hardscaping books that dealt with the Japanese style of gardening, I also looked through the magazine section. There I found a number of gardening magazines and the subsequent garden themed ads.
I came across a number of fertilizer product ads, many of which I was familiar with. One product though, was new to me, and I investigated it further. I also had a friend who could translate for me, explain the product and its use, according to the advertisement. The product HB-101®, is widely used in Japan, and the subsequent pages in other publications, seemed to indicate it was a popular, or at least a well marketed product. After doing the Google® and Bing® search ritual, I ordered a bottle of this product for myself (via Ebay®).
To be clear, this is not a fertilizer per se, but a plant extract, which can be used as a foliar agent, used alone, or added to liquid fertilizer regime. I have used it as a standalone product and additive to various horticultural production and maintenance programs. I will relay those findings to you now.
Kolaczewski, M. (2016). Qualitative review of plant extract HB-101®©. Acta Hortic. 1140, 345-346
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1140.78

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