Effective combination treatments to maintain quality and extend the storage-life of minimally processed onion

O. Zaulia, M.N. Azhar, R. Muhd Amin, M. Razali, M.P. Nur Aida, M.R. Bizura Hasida, M.N. Latifah, W.H. Wan Mohd Reza Ikwan, R. Nur Azlin, G. Nur Syafini, A. Siti Aisyah, C.L.Y. Joanna, M. Habsah, S.A.R. Syed Abas, M. Hairiyah, M.Z. Zaipun, S.L. Tham, A.H. Mohamad Fikkri, M. Ismail, M.Y. Zainab, T. Siti Khuzaimah
Freshly peeled onion is convenient, ready to use and useful for food-service operations to expedite food preparation as well as optimize the use of labour. However, without proper processing technologies, peeled onion has a short storage-life (1-2 weeks) due to rooting, sprouting, microbial growth, discoloration and development of strong off-odours. Combination treatments produced high-quality peeled onions with a storage life of up to 8 weeks at 2°C. The studies reported here included evaluation of cut types, washing sanitizers, UV-C treatments, use of suitable packaging (polypropylene at retail, 0.04 mm low-density polyethylene for bulk packaging), active packaging materials (oxygen, ethylene and water absorbers) and optimum storage temperature (2°C) and temperature control with gel packs. Active packaging materials, nanosilver packaging (1%) and UV-C treatment (240 nm, 5 or 10 min) provided additional benefits to temperature control in relation to browning, rooting, sprouting, fungal growth, colour and ascorbic acid content.
Zaulia, O., Azhar, M.N., Muhd Amin, R., Razali, M., Nur Aida, M.P., Bizura Hasida, M.R., Latifah, M.N., Wan Mohd Reza Ikwan, W.H., Nur Azlin, R., Nur Syafini, G., Siti Aisyah, A., Joanna, C.L.Y., Habsah, M., Syed Abas, S.A.R., Hairiyah, M., Zaipun, M.Z., Tham, S.L., Mohamad Fikkri, A.H., Ismail, M., Zainab, M.Y. and Siti Khuzaimah, T. (2016). Effective combination treatments to maintain quality and extend the storage-life of minimally processed onion. Acta Hortic. 1141, 365-372
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1141.46
minimal processing, precooling, sanitizing agents, active packaging, UV-C, nanosilver, ethylene absorber

Acta Horticulturae