Effect of tomato fruit development stages on yield, fruit quality and heavy metal content

J. Ćota, O. Kurtović, E. Sarić, A. Hadžić, J. Zdravković, M. Zdravković, J. Ćota
Harvesting tomato at various maturity stages can result differences in yield and the quality of fruits. The research was conducted at Butmir with local tomato cultivars ('Novosadski jabučar' and 'Sarajevski jabučar') during the years of 2012 and 2013. Fruit samples were taken in two harvests at two different stages of maturity (physiological maturity: the first change of fruit colour; technological maturity: 5 days after the first change of colour). The following parameters were observed at the both stages of maturity: yield, dry matter content, total sugar and total acid, presence of heavy metals (As, Cd and Pb). No statistically significant differences in yield were recorded in cultivars, maturity stages or year of research. The highest content of dry matter was recorded in 'Novosadski jabučar' (5.12% at physiological and 5.48% at technological maturity). Total acid content was the highest in 'Sarajevski jabučar' at physiological maturity (2.05%). There were no significant differences in total sugar content. The heavy metals (As, Cd and Pb) were detected in fruits, but their content was within allowed limits. The higher content of Cd was recorded in 'Novosadski jabučar' at technological maturity (0.33 mg kg-1) comparing to physiological maturity (0.027 mg kg-1). No differences were recorded in 'Sarajevski jabučar'.
Ćota, J., Kurtović, O., Sarić, E., Hadžić, A., Zdravković, J., Zdravković, M. and Ćota, J. (2016). Effect of tomato fruit development stages on yield, fruit quality and heavy metal content. Acta Hortic. 1142, 323-328
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2016.1142.49
ripening stages, yield, dry matter, total sugar, total acid, heavy metals

Acta Horticulturae