D. Gvozdenovic
The influence of micro climate on fruit quality at various intensities of growing, at three different crown levels, was analysed. Fruit quality is directly correlated to the light and the position in the crown. The fruit size of the smaller and better illuminated trees was relatively uniform and there were no significant differences between fruits from different crown levels.

The intensity of fruit colour of Jonathan was highest at the highest intensity of illumination. The fruit colour was high above 1 m height in the small trees, but in the large trees well coloured fruits were only found above 2 m height. The intensity of fruit colour of Starkrimson became higher according to the illumination.

The content of dry matter of fruit grew higher according to the illumination intensity, but the fruit firmness became lower.

The light penetration depended on the height of the crown, the thickness of the wall, the shape of the crown as well as the distance between the trees and rows respectively. The penetration of light into the crown varied from 7 % to 80 %.

At the distances between rows of 3,5 m or less, the height of crown over 3 m and wall thickness of 1,6 m and more, summer pruning should be done, as the illumination of inside of the crown is considerably lower than optimal intensity necessary for photosynthesis.

The relative humidity decreased according to the height and temperature slightly changed at different heights, depending on the time of measuring, the relative humidity and some other factors.

Gvozdenovic, D. (1981). UTILIZATION OF CLIMATE RESOURCES BY APPLE TREES. Acta Hortic. 114, 110-110
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1981.114.10

Acta Horticulturae