Genotype and SNP analysis of mybA transcription factor in Chinese wild grapes and interspecific hybrids

Jian Jiao, Chong-Huai Liu, Xiu-Cai Fan, Ying Zhang, Hai-Sheng Sun, Jiang-Fu Jiang, Min Li
Specific primers were designed to detect the VvmybA1 genotype on a sample of 14 Chinese wild grape species by means of molecular cloning and absolute quantitative real-time PCR. Our results proved that the VvmybA1a allele does not exist in Chinese wild grapes but exists in V. vinifera and its interspecific hybrids uniquely. VvmybA1a allele has been discovered in the hybrids of V. amurensis × V. vinifera, including 'Gongniang 1 Hao', 'Beihong' and 'Xiongyuebaiputao'. In addition, the reason why 'Xiongyuebaiputao' had no anthocyanin collected is the finding that 'Xiongyuebaiputao' is the homozygous genotype of VvmybA1a. Two complete mybA-related gene sequences, VvmybA1 and VlmybA2, were obtained from different wild samples. A total of 121 SNPs were detected in the sequenced fragments, giving a high level of polymorphism. Three neutrality tests had been used to compare the patterns of sequence variations, the result indicates a non-departure from neutrality expectations for Chinese wild grapes for the genes VvmybA1 and VlmybA2, which reflected equilibrium between genetic drift and selectively neutral mutation. The mybA-related gene acquired from different wild accessions represented highly homology; however, extensive base deletion, insertion and substitution existed in the promoter region, intron region and the third coding exon, which exhibited rich genetic diversity between species of Chinese wild grapes. By comparing the gene structure and phylogenetic analysis of the gene sequence, the studied Chinese wild grape could be divided into five groups. Moreover, V. betulifolia and V. hancockii were initially predicted to be primitive in evolution.
Jiao, Jian, Liu, Chong-Huai, Fan, Xiu-Cai, Zhang, Ying, Sun, Hai-Sheng, Jiang, Jiang-Fu and Li, Min (2017). Genotype and SNP analysis of mybA transcription factor in Chinese wild grapes and interspecific hybrids. Acta Hortic. 1157, 289-300
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1157.41
Chinese wild grapes, VvmybA1a, SNP, genotyping, cross breeding

Acta Horticulturae