Chr. von Zabeltitz
The future research needs are considered from the engineering point of view. Technologies for minimizing energy requirements are:
  1. Energy saving in greenhouses:

    A 1 Energy saving by double shelter materials and movable thermal screens

    A 2 Diminishing heat loss by leakages and thermal bridges

    A 3 Climate control by micro computer

    A 4 Energy saving irrigation systems

    A 5 Increasing net growth area by movable tables

  2. Alternative energy sources for greenhouse heating:

    B 1 Development of heating systems for low temperature heat from other industrie processes

    B 2 Design strategies for the heating systems for profitable use of heat energy

    B 3 Sun and environment energy and energy storage

    B 4 Heat pumps

    B 5 Straw and wood burning or gasyfying

  3. Development of new greenhouse types:

    Low energy consumption and high light transmissivity at day time

    No leakages and thermal bridges (tight construction)

    Compensation of CO2 need and dehumidifying forced airechange with heat recovery

    CO2 enrichment and control

    Automatic growth and climate control by production models

    Automatic transport system (economic labour input and human working conditions)

    Growing chain including plant production with artificial light (growing room) and natural light (greenhouse), total energy system for electricity and heat.

von Zabeltitz, Chr. (1981). FUTURE RESEARCH NEEDS. Acta Hortic. 115, 717-717
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.1981.115.84

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