The effects of biofertilisers on soilless organically grown greenhouse tomato

H.Y. Dasgan, T. Cetinturk, O. Altuntas
In the present study, greenhouse tomato ('Jaledo') was grown with organic nutrition by the inoculation of some biofertilizers under the soilless cultivation rules. The treatments were three different biofertilizers; 1) mychorrhiza, 2) vermicompost, 3) fermentation microorganisms (EM), and 4) control. The experiment was carried out in the glasshouse during the spring cultivation period under Mediterranean climate conditions. The growing medium was a mixture of peat:perlite in the ratio of 1:1. The constant nutrition in all treatments with the certified organic fertilisers was used to feed the plants beside the biofertilizers. Some plant growth parameters such as plant height and leaf number were similar in the treatments. The tomato yield was the highest in vermicompost, it was 8.3% higher than the control plants. Mychorriza treatment also increased the yield by 2.5%, however, the fermentation microorganisms (EM) decreased the yield by 12.4%. The fermentation bacteria (EM) may compete with the plant for available nutrients in the root medium. Mean fruit size and fruit volume was higher in vermicompost and mychorriza. Total soluble solids (brix) and titradible acidity were higher in the EM. At the end of the experiment, EC inside the growing medium was measured and the biofertilizers, especially mychorriza, decreased the EC, that could be important to prevent salinization in root medium during growing. Leaf nutrient analysis showed that the tomato plants were adequately fed under the experimental conditions, in some cases, the advantages of biofertilizers was seen, for example the leaf Na concentration was the lowest in mychorriza treatment. The results showed that as sustainable approach, the greenhouse vegetables can be produced under the rules of soilless cultivation in organic growing medium by the combination of organic nutrients and the biofertilisers like vermicompost and myhcorriza.
Dasgan, H.Y., Cetinturk, T. and Altuntas, O. 2017. The effects of biofertilisers on soilless organically grown greenhouse tomato. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1164:555-561
Solanum lycopersicum, hydroponics, organic fruit, microbial fertilizer, greenhouse

Acta Horticulturae